• "Sliki prepares for album debut – the latest release heralds a chaotic trip to the studio"

    "The first stanza tells about the chaotic beginning of the story, and at the level of themes, the song is tied to a bigger theme - the artist reveals that the song is also about the struggle with ADHD. The lyrics contain topics that have already become familiar, such as those related to the investment world."
    9 October 2023 / Aku Havukainen

  • "A new song from Sliki - thoughts about money with a recognizable sound"

    "Signed to Epic Records, Sliki released his second single from the EP that will be released later this year. The song called Hard Rock continues the artist's familiar and recognizable sound and its themes largely revolve around money."
    2/2/2023 / Aku Havukainen

  • "Working formula - Sliki's confident rap style is the best in Finland at the moment"

    "So this trend will continue and why shouldn't it, Sliki is easily one of the most interesting artists of the moment. Although this kind of rap has long traditions, Sliki brings a modern touch to it. And when done well, of course, you can listen to anything."
    31/10/2021 / Tuomas Aflecht

  • "Sliki's solo song is as hot and genuine as a hodari - the guests are the perfect complement to it"

    "In a nutshell: You know how to laugh at yourself with a video, but not fool around too much. The main thing is that the music is done fully and correctly. The whole is one of the best novelties of the spring."
    15 May 2021 / Tuomas Aflecht